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finding God

through community

Relationship is at the heart of the Bible and its the heart of our community. Our purpose as a group of young adults and families suburban New Jersey is to help people find God through the power of community.  We all come with different stories, with different pasts, but we come to walk them together as we live out the mission of Jesus through worship and community impact.   

This channel is coming soon!




We practice the love of Christ through authentic relationships because we value the bond of community and seek to

connect with others.


Connect with us online by following and subscribing to our social media.  Each week our YouTube channel posts videos that focus on our current study series or big faith questions. For weekly encouragement, be sure to find us on Instagram and Facebook.


We were created for community. When we choose to grow in relationship and to explore biblical truth in a group setting, we can experience life change.  Our Connect Groups launch in Spring 2021.  Make sure you check them out!


Worship involves our entire lives, that's why taking action for social justice is a core part of our mission at Connect.  We're always seeking ways to make an impact in our local community and the world in real, tangible ways.


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