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what to expect


We get that checking out a new community for the first time comes with some anxiety and hesitation. We want to make that process a little easier by giving you an idea of what to expect and who we are. 

A New Ministry

We are new ministry based out of Verona, New Jersey but our community and ministry reaches all across the digital world.  We are still in the planning phase, but will be launching in the late Spring of 2021.  


Unlike a traditional church community, we don't have a set meeting space.  We gather online and in-person at various locations depending on the event.  However, Connect is a ministry of the First Congregational Church of Verona.  Our offices are located there. 


We host online content and Connect Groups as the foundation of our community and ministry.  Each week we publish video content on our social media channels.   We also host Connect Groups, which are small groups that meeting together for connection and discussion on topics of faith.  At least once a month, our groups will meet for Connection Events.  Sometimes these are fun activities such as hiking, ultimate frisbee, or hosting a barbeque.  Other times we meet to service our community and take up social justice issues that are important to us.  To learn more, sign up for our mailing list. 

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